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A photograph of mom, as a teenager, in her living room, January, 1959.

My dad, the bread delivery man, holding me on his knee, April 1961.

A studio proof of Gary and I, probably taken in 1963.

Photograph of dad sitting at a table in Clay Center, Kansas, in 1964.

I'm riding a toy truck down the driveway in Clay Center, Kansas, in Autumn of 1964.

Photo booth monkeys.

Lisa, mom, and myself at the Wilcox house, 1966 or 1967.

Vampire: A first grade school portrait, 1966-67.

First grade class picture, Deaf Smith Elementary, 1967-68.

Gary and I wearing our Sunday Best in Rosenberg, 1968.

Lisa wearing her Sunday Best in Rosenberg, 1968.

Backyard barbecue on St. John Street, Austin, in 1968.

Gary and I in the front yard on St. John street in 1968 or 1969.

Petty family church directory portrait taken around 1969.

Eating watermelon on Linny and Johnny's back porch, September 1969.

School portrait, 1970.

The Operators, 1970 Pee Wee baseball champions.

Portrait of my sister, Lisa, with chickenpox, Spring 1971.

Dad's Southwestern Bell Telephone Company ID badge.

Dad working at the Republican convention, Kemper Arena, Kansas City.

The oldest picture I have of Jamie Burton.

Stage production of "Here We Are", with Robin Salyer, Fall of 1975.

Our Lanier high school drama teacher, Mr. Foard, on stage.

Jamie Burton pins boutonniere on Richard, 1975.

Jamie and Gary at Christmas, 1975.

Richard and Jamie in The Devil's Disciple, summer 1976.

Mom, Gary, Lisa, Jamie, Ginny, and myself at the Country Dinner Playhouse.

The sultan and his harem in 1976's production of "Don't Drink the Water".

Mr. Foard's drama room at Lanier, Fall of 1976.

Gary, Richard, and Rusty in the Lanier drama room.

Posing in class shirts at Christina Dahlberg's house.

Ginny Tompson wrote a Valentine note to my mom and dad in 1977.

Jamie, Vera, and I at a party at Pat Blashill's house in early 1977.

Gary and Richard "fighting" before rehearsal, Summer 1977.

Bruce Falke visits us in Huntsville, summer of 1978.

Lisa, Ed, and Richard in the backyard on Coy's Drive

Alison Griner in her living room in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1979.

Graduating from Grissom H.S. and playing with my tassel, May 1979.

Diane Colvard, Huntsville, Alabama, 1978, '79, '80.

Rusty and Gary with Checkers the clown, Six Flags Over Texas.

Vera and I when we first met, Oakhurst Apartments, Austin, 1981.

Vera and Richard playing football, Christmas 1981.

At a campout, me kneeling with a tripod and camera, Summer 1982.

A Vera and Richard wedding photograph, September 1982.

Mom & Dad in the early 80's.

A portrait of mom made during the early 80's.

A black and white shot of my cousins Chris and James.

A cast photograph from the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse.

Portrait of Lisa at Thanksgiving dinner.

Me in Vera and Amanda's labor room, September 16th, 1984.

Karla, Gary, Rusty, and Amanda at the Riverside Apartments, Austin, 1984.

Our humble apartment in The Landing Apartments on Town Lake, Austin, 1985.

Mr. Foard and my grandparents at Gary and Karla's wedding reception.

While Vera holds her a the swimming pool, Amanda accidentally splashes herself.

Little Amanda picking dandelions.

Gary working in the study on January street.

Our "jump up and down alarm clock".

Amanda Portrait

Vera, Ann, and Ginny visit with kids at Ginny's house in 1986.

Amanda the little Pixie.

Family portrait during the holiday season in Tulsa, 1986.

Amanda, Zarchary, and Gary in the Tulsa hot tub.

Amanda & Zachary reading books.

A curious behavior is documented.

Amanda-too-cute on her tricycle.

Uncle Rusty tutors pinãta carnage.

Amanda loved blowing bubbles.

The Petty side of the family at Lisa and Stan's Wedding, May 1989.

Gary poses with a quart of Pennzoil in Arlington.

Family reunion at my uncle Donald's house, Dallas, 1990.

Andrew riding the magic air-trike.

A school photograph of a young Amanda.

A school photograph of a young Andrew (the bear).

The Guys -- Dad, Andrew, and myself.

Lettie and I spent Christmas in Oklahoma City at Lisa and Stan's home in 1991.

Amanda's seventh birthday, September 1991.

Amanda wearing cocoanuts, Andrew wearing an Arabian head dress.

Grandparents with their grandchildren

Lettie standing outside the Black Eyed Pea.

Lettie and I at the 1993 BEST Christmas dance.

The best vacation I've ever taken, 1993.

A Gary Petty family portrait, 1997.

Alison Berger and family Christmas card, Fall 1997.

Andrew at his middle school band concert in the Fall of 1998.

The Stan and Lisa Hunt family, Tennessee, 1998.

My soul brother, Rusty, and his kids, Arlington, Texas, Spring 1999.

Portrait of my son, Andrew, on his front porch, Summer 1999.

Gary carrying Spencer out to the car after after Grandpa Petty's 81st birthday party, October 1999.

Amanda and I on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, November 1999.

    Amanda's first home visit, March 2000
  • Amanda standing at Southwest Texas State University's "Quad" area (student mall).
  • Andrew at SWT's Quad.
  • Making an Amanda-sandwich, Amanda, Andrew, and Richard.
  • Our family trio, Amanda, Andrew, and Richard.

A Polaroid strip photograph of Amanda, April 2000.

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